Become a Volunteer

ORGANISE A COLLECTION.  It's so easy!  All you need to do is put the word out to your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and you will be absolutely amazed at the used or new bras that you receive.  If you work in a large business you might like to take the initiative - businesses are often looking for something charitable to do, or it could be at school or your book club, or sports club - the ideas are endless!   Once you have a decent amount, please contact your nearest Regional Co-ordinator for instructions on how to sort them and where to drop them off. 


You will find a full list under Helpful Tools.

Become a Regional Co-ordinator

Many hands make light work - but there a few pre-requisites for this position! 

STORAGE.  You need to provide the storage for the many boxes and bags of bras that you are going to receive.  Most Coordinators have a separate room or very large garage space where they can store boxes of bras until they get shipped out.

SORTING - call up some friends as this is a big job but it can be lots of fun.  Gather everyone in a large room, divvy up the jobs, have lots of storage boxes (eg banana boxes), and away you go.  There's no doubt the banter will be awesome and you can finish off the sorting and packing with a well deserved refreshment!  We'll provide you with instructions on the best way to sort & store the bras.

DISTRIBUTION - You need to be able to come up with ideas to get your bra collection off-shore.  We can provide you with a network of coordinators in the Pacific Islands to set up delivery.  It might be just a couple of suitcases sent with a friend going on holiday; or it might be a bigger load into a container that you get access to; or you might fund raise to pay for your own container.   There is a lot of options and you need to be prepared to jump when they present themselves.   Stay in touch with our NZ Coordinator and she will give you lots of pointers and support.